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Viola Milano - wearing a Viola Milano “Grass” cashmere tie & handrolled “White Irish Linen” pocket square…

Austin Butler from Carrie Diaries

i choose Austin Butler for the cheshire cat because in the show, the carrie diaries, he is a very mysterious man. he is very laid back just like the cheshire cat! his voice is low and mysterious perfect for the cat!

The 21 Most Fashionable Fellas In London #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/london-mens-fashion#slide-16  We need to invest in a boater hat, pronto!...

London Collections Men - Street Style Pictures

So classy and much more manly than saggy jeans.

Eccentric Menswear from Sir Plus

OMG There's nothing that looks as slick as a man in a suit (or suit minus the jacket) and a nice fedora. Looks so well put together. I don't know why anyone thinks pants sagging down your ass is sexy. THIS is sexy.

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