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Felicity vs the others #Arrow #Olicity

Jelena 🌟 on

Felicity vs the others <--- the writers literally built the ship piece by piece :D

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #3.1 #Season3 #Olicity <3 They are so adorable <3

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Arrow - Oliver and Felicity Roy's in the background like, kiss, KISS!

#Arrow 3x20 "The Fallen" -  Oliver & Felicity

I think a lot of people were expecting him to get angry and yell at her for tricking him and endangering her life, but he just thanked her. Oliver Queen getting it right, people

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #3.23 #Season3 #Olicity <3

"I'm thinking a state that can annul a Nanda Parbat marriage" - Oliver & Felicity

Arrow - Felicity & Oliver #3.20 #Season3 #Olicity ♥

"Let's not say goodbye this time." - Oliver and Felicity Arrow The Fallen - Olicity