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l Quote John Wayne Forgive Your Enemy But Remember The Bastard's Name

Wall Quote - JOHN WAYNE - Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard's name

Don't spend it in front of the tv

Saturdays} *Wow, that puts things in perspective. Not enough time if you only enjoy your weekends with your child.

My mom gave this to me when I was younger...it meant so much...so to each of my children I prayed for & continually pray for each of you, you are each an abundant blessing!

Quotes to inspire you to be a better parent! :) I love them all, & will definitely try to do these & teach all this to my children!

this just about sums it all up.

I am a step mom and all of this applies. Wouldn't change a thing; love my stepson ♥


I love my kids, but like I've told them, "I am not your friend, I am your parent. You HAVE friends. Too many kids have parents who want to be their friend, when what they really need is for their parents to act like PARENTS." My kids soo agree.

Family is so important

No matter what happens in life I love my family were all unique pieces that make an amazing work of art I love you!

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This is so true

I need to remember this! I need to put this outside Dukes door to this room. You Will Never Have This Day Again Mother Children Wooden Primitive Sign