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Provide 32 Mini Evidence Kits for Cruelty Documentation Read more at http://greatergood.com/project/#W4uDYZuShdxZDJwl.99

Help Vaccinate 32 Dogs to Give Them a Better Chance for Adoption 64,000 daily clicks fund this project

The Mexican Gray Wolf desperately needs our help! If no one will stand up for their survival, who will?

Help save the world's most endangered marine mammal. Your donation helps to test and put into use vaquita-safe fishing nets, eliminating the main threat to this rare porpoise: incidental catch in fishing gear.

A man with Ebola spent four days out in the Dallas community, possibly infecting others. So why are health officials so sure they can stop Ebola from spreading?

When the exceedingly rare snub-nosed monkey was first photographed two decades ago, the images served as a warning about the nation's environmental threats

IMPORTANT PETITION: Washington State Announces Plan To Kill Entire Pack Of Wolves. STOP THE SLAUGHTER! > http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/714/065/993/

http://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/ars/petition/turkey-toss-ars?gg_source=ars Please sign petition to stop these people from torturing turkeys. Thank you.

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