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Pretty much. I'm down to trusting no one at all. If I say something to anyone I have to make sure I'm cool with it being repeated. Thanks everyone in my life who said I could trust them! I sure fucking appreciate it!

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Some say I have severe pistanthrophobia,, but nahhhhh, it's what they've done LATELY that has me not trusting them!

All of His ways are good. He is good. He will guide you along the right paths for your life. You don't have to worry if you're not sure how to get from point A to point B... just get up close to Him. Walk in step with Him and let Him lead you. Go when He says go. Stay when He says stay. Trust Him. He will lead you in the perfect way, for your good and for His glory. No one who puts their hope, expectation, and trust in Him will ever regret it!

Gravity falls and labyrinth (truth as I read it, he pitched the idea to Disney and they shot it down saying 'no one will understand the reference'.

It isn't funny at all. This is the reason why I can't trust anyone anymore... Mostly when they say that. It kills me even more cause I know they will let me down...