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Odins cross from on @northernaesthetic -

Finally finished the custom Odins cross piece I posted a behind the scenes pic of earlier. I'm very happy with how it turned out! I'll have some professional pics taken soon and these will now be available at -

One of my all time favorite pics of the stunning @hulderdotter modeling the fine silver troll cross earrings at -

Odins Cross adorned with all 24 Runes crafted in copper (other metals available via product listing) -

Beautiful shot from a customer who posted in the wicked Griffin Facebook group She's wearing her troll cross and leaf earrings. -

Today I am busting my butt getting out as many orders as I can as today is the last day I get to work on orders until our move to PA is over. Here is @northernaesthetic wearing the silver Odins cross from in addition to the runic from @midgaarb and belt from @beastmancaravan -

Prepping just a fraction of the orders to be worked on today I cannot wait to get this cross country move over with--that means The Wicked Griffin FULL TIME. And that means lightening fast processing times for you the long wait for your order is over! 8 more weeks until that time comes... -

A lot of you have been sending me messages asking when the Odins cross with Runes pendant will be available at it's too dark to take pictures now so I should have it up and ready on the website tomorrow January 4. -

Congratulations to @amethyststonephotography he won the Brass Odins cross in the last giveaway from -

Making Odin's Crosses for orders today Find this and much more at: Get 20% off and exclusive access to discounts and giveaways here: -