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Finally finished the custom Odins cross piece I posted a behind the scenes pic of earlier. I'm very happy with how it turned out! I'll have some professional pics taken soon and these will now be available at -

Today I am busting my butt getting out as many orders as I can as today is the last day I get to work on orders until our move to PA is over. Here is @northernaesthetic wearing the silver Odins cross from in addition to the runic from @midgaarb and belt from @beastmancaravan -

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@northernaesthetic Wearing Odins cross from the fall winter line Vinternattsblot which is finally available at -

Shipping out a solar cross (odins cross) & Huginn & Muninn inspired feather earrings from the new line Vinternattsblot at -

It's giveaway time!! Go to and click the blue "win" button in the top right corner to enter to win the brand new brass odin's cross pendant. This is a brand new way I'm doing a giveaway so much easier for you and I. Happy winning!! -

Odins Cross adorned with all 24 Runes crafted in copper (other metals available via product listing) -