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Darren Horrocks, Level Artist at Ubisoft Toronto, talked about the peculiarities of open world design and gave some tips on finding visual harmony in levels.

ArtStation - Total War Warhammer Vampires cities, NIKKI Lynch

This is the lastest project I've been working on at Creative Assembly. I was responsible for dressing the siege battle for the Vampire faction. This included creating the cities according to design and art direction, making all the hard surface assets

본문 이미지

본문 이미지


La Tour Perce is a unique double arch and at 32 meters is the longest span in the Alps. The existence of this arch was only documented in Situated between Grenoble and Chambery (massif de la Chartreuse), Rhone Alps region, SE France.

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"Please tell me our path leads us around the giant freaky skull and not through it?" "Great," She mumbled under her breath, glancing at the gaping mouth irritated. "I'm sure nothing bad will happen from walking straight into a giant skull.