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Hybrid Timber Frame Connection Detail

Often we need to land a timber on a conventionally framed wall. This is just one example of this hybrid timber frame system

Diagram showing the parts of a frame: bearer, floor joist, bottom plate, jack stud, sill trimmer, jamb stud, head trimmer, lintel, top plate, jack joist/ceiling joist trimmer, metal joist strap, hanging beam, ceiling joist, common stud, brace, nogging, sheet flooring.

Upper King Post Joinery Detail

Looking for a classic and strong connection for a king post to rafter connection? This one may fit the bill as it is easy to cut..

Upper King Post Strut to Rafter Detail

Upper King Post Strut Detail -

Learn to Timber Frame: Craftsmanship, Simplicity, Timeless Beauty (Hardcover)

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