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This sounds like an amazing idea. I would definitely never sleep again but I'd be happy about it.

from Laugh.Love.Live.

20 Harry Potter quotes that we love


I sometimes sleep at the Institute, go to school at Hogwarts, eat lunch at Hogsmeade, go to summer camp at Camp Half-Blood, work out at Dauntless Headquarters, work at the Glade, volunteer at the Literal Heart of Jesus, frequently visit The Feels and where All Dead Fictional Characters Lie, I have a winter home in Arendelle, I live at 221B Baker street, visit my family in District 12, buy food at the Hob, and travel through Middle Earth a lot

Hahaha elide is one of my favourite characters she is so beautiful 💛

Jeremy Renner Did A Reddit AMA, Would Totally Love A Hawkeye Movie | The Mary Sue

And for whatever reason, Cecil's voice read this in my head.

This makes me want a bonus room or attic I can transform into a library and do the stairs leading to it like this...but with my favorite books painted on there...