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Well, if you put it that w—    Oh. Of course.

Guys who want you to play video games love you .and also need a healer. So that's why my brother wants me to play video games.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - I liked both movies. But Civil War wins for me (Probably everyone else too) The movie I can't wait for from DC is Suicide Squad, that is going to be awesome.

Fancy - Alphonse Elric Steel Armor

Fullmetal Alchemist Alphonse Armor Transmutes Money to Steel and Leather

Video Games

Dorkly Comic – Videogames: A History of Violence [Comic] hahahahahahahahahahaha thats how we become violent our gaming rage not the game itself

Because he's Deadpool | DailyFailCentral

This motherfucker killed Captain fucking America. this bitch is gonna die.

Oh crap

Maka and Soul lol it's time to hit the book's<<-- Was that a Doctor Who quote? Please look at the picture and love the relationship between Maka and Soul! They are from Soul Eater.