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Drawing with Cars

This afternoon we combined two of our favourite things here at Clare’s Little Tots – cars and drawing. The results were a beautiful masterpiece and lots of fun. This simply play activity took a few minutes to set up, costs nothing and is done using things you’ll already have around the house. What you need: Toy...

Apollo 11 Flight Dynamics

Sam the Rocketman, Keen interests in astronomy, world war, history, coldwar era and metal dragons.This page contains allot of Science, history, my love for music especially Queen and what ever stuff I find cheers me up.Rock n Roll !

Interesting to see how different bullets impact the body. Must also consider the proximity of the shooter however.

Here's how govt will put real estate back on growth trajectory in 2017 - Business Today

“The universe seems to like talking to itself faster than the speed of light,” said Steinberg. “I could understand a universe where nothing can go faster than light, but a universe where the internal workings operate faster than light, and yet we’re forbidden from ever making use of that at the macroscopic level — it’s very hard to understand.”