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Custom BJD faceup by Invie / Makeup Service

I decided to take a photo of all my smallest dolls today because a couple of them are going to leave the doll family. I was surprised that I have so many tiny dolls. Fairyland is the winner at the moment but that will change at the end of this year. I am waiting for 4 Lati Whites. From left to right: Top row: pink Honey Bear (Sseiren), Pukipuki Pongpong (Fairyland), tan Mini Pot Lati White Belle (Latidoll), Dark Crunchy Lati White Haru (Latidoll), iMda Timp Yuja (Soom), brown Honey Bear…

BJD Pukipuki FairyLand Lily Basic + extra hands

BJD pukipuki fairyland Ruby + face endormie + face chat full set + extra + boite