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Big Blue by srlluis on deviantART

This is a pic from Sandy Corolla's World's Finest trailer.kinda reminds me of the kind of stuff Alex Ross does.

Superman & Wonder Woman by Alex Ross

I took the images from Alex Ross and modified them heavily to make the couple look younger and prettier. Lets face it: the guy paints like Leonardo Da V. Making the Man of Steel blush

Few people know the difference...  Superman and Wonder Woman from Alex Ross's Kingdom Come

Drea CrazyCatLady😻 on

Superman and Wonder Woman get interrupted. You can almost hear the exasperation in Clark’s “Know what?” Kingdom Come

Superman by Alex Ross

Grim Gargoyles and Superheros: The Art of Alex Ross

Up in the Sky! – 2014 - The Alex Ross Collection - Art - Castle Galleries

alex ross superman on wine crate by burninginkworks on DeviantArt

after Alex Ross alex ross superman on wine crate

Superman's Alex Ross Fanart by brianmarianto on DeviantArt

Superman's Alex Ross Fanart by brianmarianto on DeviantArt

Alex Ross knows superheroes.

Alex Ross Clark/Superman: My favorite image of Superman. Ross, captures the weight of the Superman role on Clark with this painting

Alex Ross - Wonder Woman, in Joel Thingvall GALLERY OF WONDER WOMAN ART's Wonder Woman Family Comic Art Gallery Room - 59478

Sketch of Kingdom Come Wonder Woman and her superbaby Jonathan by Alex Ross Happy Mother’s day, Diana. We know you would be a wonderful mom.

Digital Drawing Alex Ross Superman by Rafik Emil H by rafikemil on DeviantArt

Drawing Superman on a very simple app similar to MS Paint