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... I really don't need to comment...

If Tom Hiddleston were the Old Spice Guy.<<<<~ I wish Tom was the old spice guy.

It finally happened! The first time I heard this line he was all I could think of.

An edit with Loki and the new "Wildest Dream" Taylor Swift song. This proves that Tom and Taylor already had a thing long ago

Tom Hiddleston- One of the nicest famous people ever.  Okay, you are my new future husband.

Good guy Tom…

Funny pictures about Good guy Tom. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy Tom. Also, Good guy Tom.

I don't really care, he is just really nice to look at.

Not sure if Tom Hiddleston plays Loki or Loki plays Tom Hiddleston ;-)<<Tom is a were-Loki and morphs into Loki during Full Moons.


God bless Tom Hiddleston and the wardrobe department! <-- haha pinning for the comment ----and the hair department.

Loki: God of Mischief - The featurette was nice... But I'm still waiting for him to get his own movie!!

We're waiting Marvel. / Tom said Marvel knows that people want a Loki movie. Come on Marvel, do it.


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Kneel Before Loki Family Car Sticker.the only stick figure sticker worth having

Awww.... sad how things changed for Loki and Thor. I love this little 'manga' (although Loki's eyes are green, not blue) but still, I <3

Even if they fight, they are still brothers.

I think Loki kind of would regret killing Thor.he knows Thor is his brother, deep down, and maybe he wants to get rid of that.

The perfect man

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To Tom Hiddleston's everything! With particurlar emphasis on Tom Hiddleston's personality.

Ahahaha! Somewhere in the world, someone is misquoting Shakespeare. I can sense it.

Tom's Shakespeare-senses are tingling -- I love Tom Hiddleston so much