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Hang bobby pins and other metallic equipment on magnetic strips, which you can stick on the backing of your medicine cabinet.

1. Write Everything Down - FREE your mind. 2. Keep Flat Surfaces Clear - Clutter is magnetic. 3. Find 'A Place for Everything' - 'Homeless' items turn to clutter. 4. Never Leave a Room Empty Handed - there will always be something to return somewhere else. 5. File, Don't Pile - Set up a sorting system in your home. 6. Purge & Declutter Often - Strive to keep what's beautiful or useful. 7. Make a Plan - Tell yourself what to do to stay on track.

Make your own laundry sorter! I love this idea! Especially since the ones at the store won't even hold a full load like this will. Also good idea for toys is a childs room

So smart to put the extra bath products on the door so the closet can be for the towels and medicine cabinet items

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