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Stairs of Beyoglu, İstanbul, Turkey. Make sure you add this to your bucket list of places to see. Check out more amazing pins of Turkey at

90 Examples of the Best Street Art from Around the World - Inspiration Hut

90 Examples of the Best Street Art from Around the World

A bright and colorful fence made from giant pencil crayons. Check out Colorful Street Art to see another fun pencil crayon design.

Tetris Stares. By Dihzahyners in Lebanon 1

shakeshack: “ Dihzahyners’ Tetris stairs in Beirut, Lebanon put a skip in our step. Visit ‘em when you take your next trip to the Beirut Shack.

Rainbow street art steps in Beirut, Lebanon. Da homeland

I love design that takes advantage of stair edges as they are a fabulous canvas for colour and pattern. Case in point? A beautiful staircase makeover by Dihzahyners, a team of artists and designers "aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brig .

What a piece of art!

I need some rainbow rain in my life. From Street Art Utopia. Piece by Skurktur, Norway.

Hate the spiderweb and full colour....but like the concept...!

"Yarn bombing" is a relatively new form of hypermediacy. Not only is this a form of abstract art, the bright colors draw attention to the shape of the tree trunk and display. This site has an awesome Collection of street art pieces

street art paint by Dihzahyners Project 2

Art collective Dihzahyners painted this set of stairs in Beirut, Lebanon last June. The 73 steps took 7 hours to paint. For those in Beirut, you can check out the stairs located on Mark Mikhael street. - Artwork and Photography by DIHZAHYNERS


Rainbow Village (Taichung, Taiwan), previously known as Military Dependents' Village. Haung Yung-Fu has covered every square inch of wall space in colorful paintings.