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10 Books Set in Tokyo: Reading the Motley City

Tokyo, Japan. I could see myself wandering the streets, shopping, trying sushi, eating at a bizarre restaurant....only one can hope.

Magome-juku, Gifu prefecture. During the Edo period there were five roadways that connected Edo (modern day Tokyo) and outlying regions. The Nakasendo linked Edo and Kyoto, and ran through central Japan. This trail was dotted by many stopover towns and Magome-juku was the 43rd of the 69 towns of the Nakasendo.

Imperial Palace, Tokyo Once an Edo Castle and a residence for samurai warriors, Tokyo's Imperial Palace is the official residence of the Emperor of Japan. Visitors can tour its gardens throughout the year, and access to the palace buildings and inner gardens are granted to members of the public on December 23 and January 2 Picture: Fotolia royal palaces you can visit

Tokyo - Shimbashi area. There are a few spots in town where you can get pics of the bullet-trains at track-level. There aren't many where you can get people into the shot at any sort of close-up.

Tokyo City, Been their twice and really want to go again. That is a view of Shinjuku with Fuji in the background. The two towered building at the back is actually the town hall. You get great views of the city there and it is free!