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Cosmetic dentistry for healthy and beautiful teeth

What are Dental bridges? Dental bridge actually overcomes any space or gap made by one or more than one missing teeth. A bridge is comprised of two crowns one on every tooth on either side of the g.

Why it is good to put a space maintainer in after extraction - Teeth can move!

This is what happens when you do not replace missing teeth in a timely manner. And why space maintainers are needed in younger patients.

How cute and inspiring! Hopefully this piece of dental marketing can inspire young kids to have healthy teeth!

While it is a common trend to use a tooth for the dentist logo, there is a large variety of dental logo designs that revolve around that single tooth.

Dentaltown - The tooth is the only part of the body that can't heal itself. Please them with proper care so they can last a lifetime!

TEETH ARE AMAZINGLY STRONG, but they can't repair themselves. However, with proper care and protection they can last a lifetime! Call us today at to schedule your next dental appointment!