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How to handbuild a clay bowl. The whole process step by step. Pottery tutorial with ceramic techniques, tips and tricks.

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When you think about welding, you generally think about something more functional than artistic, but for 23-year-old Chicago resident, Richard "Dick" Lauth, it's a bit of both. You see, Dick is a professional welder and operating engineer, and is part of his local 150, but he also likes to turn his hand to the more artistic side of welding. Take a look!

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Original Star Wars TIG Art: Darth Maul

Original Star Wars TIG Art: Darth Maul Artist: Richard Lauth. #westcoweld #welding #weldart #weldingart #tigweld #ukwelding #metalwork #sculpture

Soap dishes, "Bitter sweet" series 2015 (brown clay, transparent glaze), Atelier Saskia Lauth / France -