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EGG6 is a packaging design for eggs. The spiral-shaped cuts on the board work like springs in a mattress, providing a soft and elastic support to the eggs inside of it. Both the lid and the tray have spiral buffers to alleviate the bumps and shakes that may happen in

Spokefuge by Jack Albert Trew | "Something just clicked, I had seen bicycles being used to power medical equipment in rural clinics, but I wondered if a bicycle could become the equipment instead."

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Magic Custard Cake

This is a very unique cake.  A magic custard cake begins pretty much with a basic cake batter and transforms it literally into a magical cake with a custard layer. If you love any sort of custard or flan, then this cake it for you!!!!   Magic Custard Cake Ingredients: 4 eggs (whites separated from  …

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God Bless Four More Inches of Airline Legroom

With cascading seats, the HD31 upgrades legroom and plane capacity on short-haul flights

The Grid is a modular backpack designed for the modern creative on the go; simple, stylish, durable and practical. A high functional, modular backpack that opens up endless possibilities for customization. The principle is based on the Fibonacci spiral, combined with a system of straps and loops to add different

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Waffle Omelette

Looking for a savory waffle recipe? Skip the flour and make omelets in your waffle maker! This is a fun and easy breakfast recipe packed with veggies!