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Southeast Alaska is majestic, but aesthetics aside, that epic expanse which makes the untouched Alaskan wilderness so beautiful, should be also largely-- terrifying. Observing a grizzly bear, post-hibernation, two weeks before the salmon run, is a true marvel. That bear though, weighing in at a hefty 600 pounds, is also starving and the human observer...

Curiosity is one of mankind's greatest strengths. It pushes us to look around the next corner, drives us to explore a little further every day. From the first time we reached out to touch fire, to this very week when we wondered what we may find buried deep in the forests and wilds of Southeast Alaska, it is a force that helps us as continue to learn and grow. #travel #adventure #alaska

We were exploring one of Alaska's hidden bays when we heard a huge *clap* sound echoing off the surrounding mountains. I whipped my head around in time to see the end of a massive splash. Without hesitation, our skiff driver headed in that direction. We arrived just in time to see a humpback spring from the water and twist majestically in the air before falling back down with a boom. It happened right in front of us. It was like our own private show and it was just spectacular.

One morning, on the fourth day of my seven-day Alaskan adventure, I saw from the stern of the boat what I thought to be a sea otter flailing 20 feet offshore. Otters aren’t uncommon in Alaska, but they’re rare enough that to see one was a thrill. However, as I watched it thrash closer, I saw that this otter had a very white head, was clad in feathers and propelled itself along the water’s surface not with adorable otter paws, but with mighty wings. #travel #alaska #adventure