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Explore Raw Lfrv, Entails Pizza and more!

every saturday for as long as i can remember, we have family video night. this entails pizza for everyone and a good movie or two. i...

Greetings, my darlings.  1) I will be sharing this cake at a potluck I am hosting tomorrow at Trout Lake in Vancouver, Canada. Co...

rosemary and garlic fries with tomato ketchup and whipped avocado rawtil4 raw till four 4 vegan plant based healthy lean fit food

Spicy Mushroom Burritos Bell Pepper Dipping Sauce - This raw vegan recipe can…

from Forks Over Knives

Pea Guacamole

This pea guacamole tastes so much like the real thing that most people won’t be able to guess what it is made from!

Raw till 4 done spot on: rice pasta, organic spinach, and low sodium/no fat tomato sauce with onion, chopped tomatoes, fresh herbs and chia seeds. washed down with 1L of lemon water!

EPIC DEEP DISH FULLYRAW VEGAN LASAGNA! Low fat and oil free! It's rich, savory, and delicious! Who's hungry for a slice?! Bon Appéttit! NEW VIDEO RECIPE HERE:

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Raw Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Raw Paleo Chocolate Cherry Truffles |

from Bend It RAW

Vegan Food Craving Chart

What your food cravings really mean - Ce que vos "rages" alimentaires signifient

#FullyRaw Rainbow Salad & Low-Fat Guacamole!