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Darkness swirls around Shale, lifting him off the ground and strapping his arms to his sides. He struggles, hating his helplessness. An agonizing pain cuts into his chest, and he grits his teeth, panting. "You may think that you are indispensable, but you're not. I always have a plan-B. So, is it worth it to kill you and find someone more suited to the task, or to allow you to continue?"

I'd live here and name it the Cave of Wonders, and there'd be no one around to appreciate it. It's the price one pays. Then one probably dies because one forgot to bring a water bottle with a filter.

"So next morning, when she woke up, both Prince and castle were gone, and there she lay on a little green patch in the midst of the gloomy thick wood, and by her side lay the same bundle of rags she had brought with her from her old home." -The Blue Fairy Book.

Marvelous Outdoor Portrait Photography by Samuel Elkins #inspiration #photography

The rider lifted her helmet to reveal a spill of auburn curls, flushed cheeks and amber eyes that held nothing of the warmth they might have expected from a girl princess.

Three Rivers Deep

READ about: THREE RIVERS DEEP book series on FACEBOOK @ ***A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery... (pic source: Marta Bevacqua)