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Even darkness must pass. - Lord of The Rings - once in a while you get a movie that's worth of the book it's based on.

#imagine for Erin. "So you find this face attractive?" "Uhm DUH Ashton!!" "Hehe Erin you're so cute!! And I love that I can make you like this." "Oi! Love birds!! Cut it out!" "Oh shut it Luke." "Don't make me tell her what you said in your sleep last night, Ash." "What?" "Don't worry about it babe. Luke is just blowing smoke." "He said 'Erin I LOVE YOU please just marry me!' Loud enough to wake me up!" "Ashton?" "Erin will you marry me?" "OHMYGOD YES!!" And you lived happily ever after :-)

MOST ACCURATE DIESCRIPTION OF LUKE I HAVE SEEN. Luke if you see this (which you probably won't) don't hate me. It was too adorable to pass up

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