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Mini Cranberry Wreaths - great for interdisciplinary unit on cranberries (science: cranberry bogs, plants; SS: where they grow, how Native Americans used them; literature: A Cranberry Thanksgiving; math: estimating berries in a jar, use as counters, patterns on garland w/other items)

By airlifting dry-picked cranberries by the binload, a helicopter saves vines from tire damage at a bog in southeastern Massachusetts, 1986. Photograph by Bob Sacha, National Geographic

Canned homemade cranberry relish

Ocean Spray® – Every autumn, millions of pounds of cranberries are harvested in regions all over North and South America. Cranberries can be wet or dry harvested.

So, I bought the cranberries to do this - but who knew this was such a PIA, and only lasts a couple of days, unless you SHELLAC it. Seriously?!?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Blueberries?

Blueberry barrens in Maine. (Photo: Wild Blueberry Association of North America)

To use for Row by Row 2015 kits---not sure I need orange but one of the last pictures on this pinterest board shows that the band that some cranberry growers use to cull the berries in large swaths is yellow--could be orange too