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Rethink your resolutions by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, not just on your diet. These healthy habits can improve your well-being now and in the future.
Beginners guide to meditation via @Daily Makeover
The twist board, also known as a balance disc is an amazing piece of exercise equipment that has got many health benefits. Exercising on twist board can improves strength, flexibility and endurance of one’s abdominals, lower back, and thigh and calf muscles.
One of San Francisco's toughest schools transformed by the power of meditation A pioneering programme has reduced stress and improved grades at Visitacion Valley middle school – with lessons other schools can learn from
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back exercises
Many of us enjoy a bed-time snack. However, did you know that your ten o’clock chow session could be the culprit behind your insomnia? Yes, your food choices have an impact on the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night. Use these foods to get a better night's sleep naturally! #sleep
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