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yeeehaarrrr , its the end of the photography sitting and its reward time. these girls having their own little party, so much fun photographing around your home, lots of little spots to shoot in. Fun Fun Fun BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/Childrens-Photographer.aspx

Hudson turns 1 Just look at that pose and delightful expression, he is simply too adorable for words. Colour Photography in your own home BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/baby-photographers

One gorgeous mum with one gorgeous baby. Against her wallpaper backdrop, love Colour Lifestyle Photography, photographing your family in your home xx BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/Newborn-Photographer.aspx

What child doesn't LOVE to cook. Lifestyle Photography in your home. These little cherubs were photographed as part of a Family cookbook we did. BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/

Photographing your children around your home is so much fun. Coming across funky little areas with beautiful light. Professional Portraits in your home... BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/

This little girl was photographed in her back yard, you don't even notice the grungy rock and bit of dirt. This square design is awesome, loving the colours..Lifestyle colour photography using gorgeous colourful clothes BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/Childrens-Photographer.aspx

Loving his milkshake, shooting colour around your home, we like to call this Lifestyle Photography, gorgeous little fella BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/Childrens-Photographer.aspx

I encourage everyone to have a photo together when I am photographing their family, for most of us the last time was when we got married. How absolutely divine is this capture. I am in love with it. So much love right here. Photographed in their home BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/family-photographer

ADORABLE - no other words needed! Photographed in their back yard using beautiful back lighting. A super special moment with mum. Lifestyle colour Photography in your own home. BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection.aspx

Daddys girl, the beautiful story is in the dad's shirt, it is her little footprints on there. Made with love in her Kindy days, and look at that beautiful cuddle.Family Photography, photographed in your home. BRISBANE http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/Lifestyle-Collection/family-photographer

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