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Courmayeur alley, Italy. Courmayeur is an Italian town and comune in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley, in northern Italy. It is located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in western Europe, in the Graian Alps range, and is crossed by the Dora Baltea. Wikipedia

Enjoying Italy at its Peak! Enjoying @courmayeurmontblanc and #puntahelbronner , new season in Alps is coming soon and #IDOITINCOURMAYEUR ❤️ Осталось совсем немного до начала соревновательного сезона и я очень рада что наша основная тренировочная база в Италии - Курмайор уже подсыпается снегом, закладывая стабильную базу для будущих приключений ✌️#courmayeur #aostavalley @roxy_russia @cep_russia #girosnow #snowboarding #snowboard #сноуборд

♥ Mont Blanc - Queen of the Alps by Kamil Tamiola The south face of Mont Blanc is counted among the top 10 most dangerous climbs in Europe. On the photograph, dramatic clouds reveal the very summit of Mont Blanc with its numerous ice seracs. In the bottom part of the photograph we can see a pair of mountaineers traversing the ridge of Aiguelle Marbrees, above the town of Courmayeur, Aosta, Italy. Read More.