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Green and Gold. This palette includes colors drawn from nature. The addition of the color Golden gives the combination some nuance and creates a little more contrast between the hues, giving impact when applied as text over background.

A big collection of rusty, industrial and run-down walls, made originally for TS2 by Fiddledeedee, converted to TS4 by me. In this file there are brick, paint, masonry, wallpaper, paneling and siding categories. I made them into 4 parts and put everything under the paint category making them easy to find. :)Hope you like it!Download

Sims 4 CC's - The Best: Rihanna Pictures by Essiesims

Bonjour! So happy to release this set as we have been in need of Baroque paintings badly! Today i bring you my "17th Century Painting Mega...

Sims Confessions - "It's the best when you're making a sim and their background instantly pops up in your brain." - Yes! | The Sims, humor

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