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Ālī Qāpū (Persian: عالی‌قاپو, from Ottoman Turkish Âli Qapı - "High Porte") is a grand palace in Isfahan, Iran. It is located on the western side of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square opposite to Sheikh Lotf allah mosque, and had been originally designed as a vast portal. It is forty-eight meters high and there are seven floors, each accessible by a difficult spiral staircase. In the sixth floor music room, deep circular niches are found in the walls, having not only aesthetic value, but also…

Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran, 1628

Shah Mosque is one of the oldest in Isfahan, Iran. #iran #travel #mosque

Esfahan, Iran : "Shah" or "Imam" Mosque

Masjid-e Shah, Esfahan (Isfahan), Iran

Ali Qapu - Music room - Isfahan - Iran | اتاق موسیقی - کاخ عالی‌قاپو - اصفهان

Splendor in contrast. Sheikh Lotf-allah's moqsque in Isfahan, Iran. Photo: Erfan Shoara