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Ridiculous 6 ! Can't wait #December11

Taylor Lautner goes chubby AND chip-toothed for Ridiculous 6

Ridiculous 6 ! Can't wait #December11

The 'BLOCK TRUMP" UK petition, has now reached over 200k signers.  This means that not only must there be a governmental response but the issue must be discussed on the floor of Parliament.  The UK has a tradition of banning those who promote hate, and the people believe  that Trump needs banning.  Please note the comments by the major British & Scottish Politicians regarding Trump towards the end. Yes the GOP candidate of choice might well be unwelcome in the UK.  Work that out, folks.

x Embedded Content Well written and soo very true. Sixty million people died in World War II, but fascism won. It didn’t win on the battlefield.

orphan gifs - Google Search

orphan gifs - Google Search

...  Dorian, even though looked perfect, is actually living under his fear of the picture, his guilt of Basil and Sibyl, and Jim. Description from dillananditya.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Wallpaper and background photos of The Truth for fans of Dorian Gray images.

Edward Scissorhands

From Whitey Bulger to Willy Wonka, the Secrets Behind Johnny Depp's Movie Transformations

Johnny Depp Nightmare On Elm Street | Johnny Depp, Glen Lantz

Johnny Depp Nightmare On Elm Street

The incredible Alex Box <3

Illamasqua Art of Darkness Fall Winter 2010 Collection Androgyny Makeup

Barack Obama

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isabelle fuhrman

Wallpaper and background photos of Isabelle for fans of Isabelle Fuhrman images.