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Leaf and cactus print Rhianna Ellington

Leaf and cactus print Rhianna Ellington. This would make an awesome fabric for a sleeveless button up crop top!

Indigo patterns: block print inspiration

Matalan Autumn/Winter Collection of four Indigo mixed floral and ditsy print repeats for a blouse top.

Vladimir Dubko

Vladimir Dubko is a Los Angeles based artist who explores oddities and subtleties of the visual world through experimentations with digitally created imagery and wall sculpture.

paisley on green.

paisley on green.

Embroidery designed by William Morris

Arts and Crafts movement, 1850-1900

Embroidery designed by William Morris for Elizabeth Wardle, founder of the Leek Embroidery Society in Leek, Staffordshire, England

pattern, retro, vintage, colour, abstract, repeat

Katazome-shi - literally means stencil-dyed (katazome) papers (-shi), and is also referred to as Wazome. As the name implies, they are stenciled - with traditional materials, and the care that comes with craftsmanship by hand - to