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El misterioso aumento en la fijación de nitrógeno

El misterioso aumento en la fijación de nitrógeno

banco de peces, peces, fondo del mar, corales marinos

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Coral - único animal que se puede ver desde el espacio // Coral - only animal that an be seen from space

red coral Coral Calms and stabilizes the emotions. Promotes well being and harmony.

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Home to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful coral reefs is the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park.

branch coral

Learn more about the Branch coral - with amazing Branch coral videos, photos and facts on Arkive

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Sponges and coral come from different phyla, which means they have completely different body plans. Additionally, sponges and.

Millepora alcicornis o coral de fuego.

Millepora alcicornis (Branching Fire coral) This is more related to an anemone or sea jelly instead of coral.

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Elegance Coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei) also known as wonder coral C.jardinei is a species of coral in the family caryophylliidae (certain stony corals) found in tropical and temperate waters in the.