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Paul Ryan’s Beard Triggers a Style Debate - The New York Times | http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/17/fashion/paul-ryans-beard-triggers-a-style-debate.html?_r=0

Alex Williams, "Paul Ryan’s Beard Triggers a Style Debate," The New York Times December Photo: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan; journalists and pundits have wondered whether his beard signaled a political statement.

Nancy Pelosi issued a statement late Tuesday denouncing violent “Antifa” protesters, saying they deserve “unequivocal condemnation.”

A growing number of Democratic lawmakers are publicly pushing party leadership to shift their focus away from Russia and toward the economy.

In this "Pitt" tie-in, iron woman Spitfire gets Antibody caught in her crossfire (and the others are in DP doo-doo now)!

Continued from last issue. The members of the who have traveled to the remains of.

Paul Ryan, 2015-12-01: what his office called his "hunting beard" that he began growing Saturday at "deer camp;" is first bearded Speaker of the House since 1925 | Politics - WISN Home | http://www.wisn.com/politics/paul-ryan-is-first-bearded-speaker-of-the-house-since-1925/36738444

Paul Ryan is first bearded Speaker of the House since 1925

PSI-Force # 23 by Paul Ryan

Psi Force Sept 1988 Marvel Comic Book New Universe Boot Camp Brawl Vs

Steve Bannon

‘The Daily Show’ Slams Paul Ryan and GOP for Allowing ‘Racist’ Steve Bannon

When you kill the poor

“Remember: when a black guy does it after a TD it's disrespectful but when a white guy does it after helping kill sick people it's adorable.