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Artist: Ivan Kliun Title:Suprematism Medium: oil paint This is a very simple picture using geometric and organic shapes of color to produce this picture. I choose it because of it's simplicity.

Artist: Ivan Kliun Title: Commemorating Lyubov Popova Medium: Oil This is a great example of using shape and color in his work. I choose this picture because I thought it was really well thought out and very well done.

Artist: Unknown, posted on a website but didn't cite the artist Title: Emphasis Medium: Unknown Since red and green are complementary colors the red dot stands out. I chose this picture because it reminds me of christmas

Artist: Juan Carlos Boveri Title: la fábrica Medium: Oil Paint Boveri uses mostly a square shape with warm colors to represent this farm. I choose this picture because of the warm colors and warm feel

TITLE: "RED BALLOON" ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING BY ZSAZSA BELLAGIO MEDIUM: OIL ON BOARD SIZE: LARGE DIMENSIONS: 32" WIDTH X 45" LENGTH The emphasis is placed on the red ballon the child is holding. I chose this photo because it makes me happy because I love children.