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Artist: Ivan Kliun Title:Suprematism Medium: oil paint This is a very simple picture using geometric and organic shapes of color to produce this picture. I choose it because of it's simplicity.

Artist: Ivan Kliun Title: Commemorating Lyubov Popova Medium: Oil This is a great example of using shape and color in his work. I choose this picture because I thought it was really well thought out and very well done.

Artist: Ivan Kliun Title: Landscape Rushing Medium: Oil paint Size: 74 x 58 cm He uses shape and color in his art. It looks as if he cut a picture into zig zags and then over lapped it. I choose this picture because I like how random it is and how the colors match up really well.

Artist: Unknown, posted on a website but didn't cite the artist Title: Emphasis Medium: Unknown Since red and green are complementary colors the red dot stands out. I chose this picture because it reminds me of christmas

Artist: Unknown, posted by peter savill Title: Emphasis is vital to art Medium: oil paint the cloudy white background brings more emphasis to the boy on the swing because there is nothing else to draw my eyes away. I chose this photo because I like to little boy in black and the emphasis the picture puts on him.

Avant-Garde Ivan Kliunka (Klyun) (1873-1943) was very influenced by Malevich and his theory of color. He started his career as an artist with landscapes and still-life paintings, executed in the style of Impressionism, and finished - still lifes and landscapes, precise, highly realistic. Between these periods of cooperation with Kazimir Malevich, Suprematism passion, communication with A.E.Kruchenyh, training in the field of abstract art.