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Bloody Ridiculous

Bloody Ridiculous by cattyrose on Polyvore featuring moda, Levi's Made & Crafted, Elle Macpherson Intimates and CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane

And the weasley of Ron. No matter how angry his parents get, they are Weasley's and probably would have done something very similar.

While everyone's freaking about how he's turned so battle hardened and SOULLESS, and how the battle changed him, but all I can think is, "HIS FUCKIN HAIR NEVER GETS BETTER"

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12 Coolest Things Inspired by Harry Potter

Harry Potter wedding. Seriously... I think this takes it a little too far. xD @ALEEN ESPY Anjum @Sadaf Imtiaz Anjum @Linnéa Mårtensson Zulch @Sherry S Aske @Razaan Thomas Barquni

THIS IS BLOODY FREAKING RIDICULOUS!!!! Petunia? The same Petunia that starved and mistreated Harry for the entire time he lived with her? Snape was an asshole but Petunia was SO much worse! She's family- literal blood relative- there's NO excuse whatsoever!!

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23 Signs You Are The Ron Weasley Of Your Friend Group

23 Signs You Are The Ron Weasley Of Your Friend Group @JayLene Harper I am Ronald Billius Weasley