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The butterfly is a flying flower, The flower a tethered butterfly. ~Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun Avon has awesome color to match those of mother nature

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~~Borboleta Pintada Butterfly by Bruno Sousa~~ such a beautiful butterfly.

What a Stunning Photograph !

Colors are all around us! Check out some of the photos we have chosen to show the beauty of the different colors!


Цветы и бабочки

Common Birdwing Butterfly So eye catching against the orange flower head.

Butterfly & ladiebugs

beautiful red butterfly , lady bugs and the wild flower and plant that I used to see as a child.

Nestled in beauty!                 Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia)

Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia) by ( they are very difficult to approach and thus the word "Euptoieta" was taken from the Greek word euptoietos meaning "easily scared".