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We forgot Adam smh

I shouldn't be laughing so hard. No, but imagine Dean has a little girl and she's braiding Sam's hair and she says to him, "You're my favorite uncle" and he says, "I'm your only uncle." And then Dean just says "Shit, we forgot Adam!

Little Jared! - Fun fact: his Name was Dean and he worked in Mooses market

It's funny because it's little Sam! :) --- who played a character named Dean on the show. XD that's funny.

That would be my reaction too... hahahaha <-- I'm repinning this for this comment. Which is sooo true!

This is how a fangirl would be like if they met Dean and Sam. And if Dean and Sam were helping them as well.>>So Cas is a fangirl?

I love this! #Supernatural

When you're watching SPN, and people walk by looking at you weird when they overhear the show being the show.like in 'Dog Dean Afternoon'

Kevin Tran

There's a reason Kevin Tran was in Advanced Placement. This made me laugh out loud. reading is fundamental

"This was like the five minutes into the first episode" BUT IT'S SOO TRUE!!

the moment I fell in love with Dean Winchester - supernatural pilot episode


No Samson did NOT get his power from his hair! He got his power from the Nazarite vow that he took which includes not cutting your hair. The power was given by God not his hair because that would be stupid.

I may or may not have fell off my chair laughing.

Haha, that's too fun

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Supernatural Humor / Castiel / Season 1 That's how I feel now. I'm FINALLY in season (episode and Dean is being a jerk- sorta.