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For the Love of Unicorns

11 Awesome Unicorn Gift Ideas

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Agree 100%

How you feel, being able to express yourself, being emotional, it's not what makes you a girl - it's what makes you human. Emma Watson on the societal pressure that means men shouldn't cry.

She's right on point. People really never forget how you make them feel. That's the real reason people do business together or have personal relationships. Not because you're pretty or smart or more talented than any other. It's whether you're a headache for them or you make them feel something good or make their lives better/easier in some way.


I am not Depressed

Depression isn't always crying all the time or never leaving the house, depression can be breaking the second your alone

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19 Gorgeous GIFs To Make You Delighted It's Autumn

I've had one good day this week. The rest have started good & ended with me wanting to cry my eyes out but no tears come out. I just sit there & it sounds like im crying. Ive been treated like crap. Im done with it! I just dont even know what to do anymore! Im just done..!