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Chief Frank Fools Crow at Wounded Knee, SD in 1973. During the US Army siege he flew to the UN to beg for International support & recognition and was sent back to South Dakota immediately with no recognition.

Chief Frank Fools Crow at Wounded Knee, SD in During the US Army Siege He Flew to the UN to Beg for International Support Recognition and was Sent Back to South Dakota Immediately with No Recognition. By Artist Wampa One.

Spider Woman appears in the myths of the south-western Native Americans as a resourceful helper who spins magical charms and each person’s fate. No matter what problems or obstacles you face, Spider Woman creates the right network of energy to put you on the road toward accomplishment.

Spider Woman

Susan_Seddon_Boulet_Shaman_Spider_Woman and this could SO be Riga in Alchemy and Shaman's Drum