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German Intervention in the Baltics Volunteer, Baltische Landeswehr This trooper serves, at the time of the first assault on Riga, with a cavalry squadron in the Landeswehr raised from Baltic-German volunteers in Kurland by Maj. Fietcher. His uniform consists of the M1916 Stahlhelm, M1915 Bluse (with shoulder straps piped in the Baltic colors of light blue and white), breeches and riding boots with spurs. Note the rear belt support system of two side hooks and two rear buttons. On the front…

75th Infantry Division, 289th Infantry Reg. Battle of the Bulge 23Dec1944 - 27Jan1945, Colmar Pocket 30Jan1945 - 9Feb1945, Battle for the Ruhr 31Mar1945 - 15Apr1945. Thank You Sgt. George McCall