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#Supernatural - Season 12 Episode 6 << I feel like we haven't seen this Sam in approximately 9 seasons

"Because we all need these dancing dorks on our dash." <- yes <<<<Not sure which is better - Dean's face that says "that's right, I'm dancing!! What are you gonna do about it?" or Sam sticking his tongue out like he's drunk at a local bar's karaoke night.


'Ramblings' Summary of 'Sherlock' Nailed It

-Eso me hace especial? -No sé, quizás. -Estás celoso? -No somos pareja. -Si lo son. -Si alguien por ahí todavía le importa, no de verdad, no soy gay.

Three? THREE? Maybe if it's Sherlock.... I'd say you'd have to watch 6 episodes of an hour show or 10 episodes of a thirty minute show to count as binging.