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Serial Killers: From Jack the Ripper to Charles Manson

This picture shows a man holding a chainsaw. the chain saw is a tool but is being presented as a forceful weapon. the blood and rust on the blade makes it appear to have been used as a murder weapon. His clothes are very tattered and mucky this suggests he is not civilised and does not wash or get changed this could suggest he is in hiding or is running from something. His face is very distorted

End of a dream: Princess Diana's dresses up for auction after Florida woman who bought them for charity goes bankrupt

Catherine Walker black halter-neck, Diana wore at dinner at the Versailes in Paris in November 1994.

Robbery and car jacking at Lake Charles Cinemark results in dead family dog - Lake Charles, LA 70601 | You Post The News

L'émouvante déclaration d'une famille à la fillette qui a tué leur père gra...

Lost In You (poem)

And here I was again, the only thing between opening my heart up to her with a kiss was space and unwillingness. Because I knew as soon as I kissed her I would want more, and worst of all I knew the more I kissed her the more I would ruin her.

​Isla Vista shooting witness: "I looked into his eyes"

Let's remember the victims and their families of the Isla Vista massacre. It's so sad that this had to happen, and even sadder that this continues to take place.