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DanganRonpa ⭐ (Super Dangan Ronpa) Saihara x Kaede

Tbh, I don't really ship Nagito and Chiaki, but this is still cute (I would pet his fluffy hair)

Hinata Hajime, Chiaki Nanami, and Komaeda Nagito

Media Tweets by 방울 (@Bangoul00) | Twitter

“ by ※Permission to upload was kindly granted by the artist. **Please do not remove source, repost and/or edit** ”


Awww I ship it so hard


Kieth from Voltron and Socks from Neko Atsume!

RWBY - Gender Bent Yang

무구포 on

RWBY - Gender Bent Yang

Makoto Naegi & Kyoko Kirigiri | Danganronpa

Browse kirigiri kyouko Naegi Makoto Dangan Ronpa collected by Robbiathul Adawiyah and make your own Anime album.

感觉好久没画最赤…… by Zui. ※Permission to upload this was given by artist. Do not reprint to another website without artist’s permission. Please support the artist by rating and bookmarking the artwork.

kaede x shuici

Okay, this really strikes me in the heart. Like, as they group gather to celebrate (what I assume) is Naegi's birthday and he looks at a photograph of him and his sister during the time he assumed that died because of the first motive, and he realized that he needed to keep going for everyone that died. Okay, I've got to say I freaking love both Komaru and Makoto's character and their relationship.

Okay, this really strikes me in the heart. Like, as they group gather to…

Hajime and Makoto. when I started the second one I immediately was like ok so did they just recycle old characters...and make one chubby? (byakuya) lol but it ended up actually being him who woulda thought. incase you can't tell I haven't finished the 2nd one yet....getting there but not yet!

Omg, if Saihara is the salty one, then I will love him even more (Hajime was my fave bc he was salty af)