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I'm always a fan of intricate stamp-like designs and wood cut-out font. The bottles, while basic shaped, have a very nice vintage quality to them. It's fascinating how the designer was able to compliment the colors of the drinks with the colors of the labels. Ingenious design.

Wychwood Brewery - hand-crafted and award winning, characterful beers from the famous Oxfordshire brewer.

*Oatmeal Stout*. Samuel Smith, The Old Brewery - Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. "Discovered this for Christmas a couple years ago, and never realized a beer could have such a velvety smooth mouth feel." Brewery description, This brew pours a thick opaque black, with a thick, creamy tan head. Foam you can stick your finger in, and the hole stays there... The taste is exceptional...A malty oat flavor, with not a lot of carbonation for a slight bitter sensation lingering on your tongue.

Tiny London brewery currently operating out of arches near Borough Market. Difficult to choose one beer from Kernel - not least because the graphic design is so similar. All are very hoppy IPAs very influenced by the US craft beer movement.

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