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We are the Crystal Gems by AliciaStopIt

We are the Crystal Gems/ Garnet, Pearl, Steven, Amethyst/ Steven Universe

Gem Fusion: Spirit Quartz - Steven Universe. Mrhaliboot

Timmy Turner's dad for the win 😂😂😂🤣 Gem Fusion: Spirit Quartz - Steven Universe.

True, indeed.  I just appreciate the good from times and separate it from the bad memories.  I don't regret knowing these people then.

Malachite is the definition of an abusive relationship. Jasper pretty much forced lapis into it and it didn't end well. The only time it works is when the gems have healthy relationships with each other.

Bunny Cuddling

Bunny Cuddling

Day Bunny Cuddling by Artistic-Winds on DeviantArt Bunny! Bunny do you remember me? Bunny come back!(from one of TobyTurners vines for all the idiots out there) XD