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Madrhiggs will allow you to lift and to throw out the weight of banks and financial company. Madrhiggs will make you stronger, making you truly free in achieving your desires, your ideas, your projects... Anger by Evan. To see how this was made click here

The things that keep a 26 year old wanderer happy. Communications nerd, photographer and runner living in Germany. Queer Feminist TCK with American citizenship and accent. Expect lots of :Photography. Public Diplomacy. Arabic. Israel/Palestine.

~and don't smile to me and tell me that things will work out for me too. I don't want your pity. I hate your pity!~

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neon sign outside church in hell's kitchen, nyc. Remember seeing this when in NYC. Our rental was on this street. With John O'Hara in (this was not mentioned in O'Hara's novel, unlikely to have been there in the yet fits with the story.)


(Open RP?) My captors wrap my whole body tight in barb wire. I scream out and cry. "Please.." I whisper hoarsely. I haven't had food and water in a few days. I can't get out if the wire. It's to tight. (Credit to ) (be the captor)

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