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2012 El Dorado Springs football banquet

2012 El Dorado Springs football banquet

Go for it this week! Volleyball words of wisdom...#molten

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Don't concern yourself with being better than everyone else. Just focus on being better than the man/woman you were yesterday. Keep improving on yourself and you'll naturally move past your competition.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Football. If you are interested in taking up a new sport, try football! Football tends to be fun for everybody.

Everyone makes mistakes has bad performances and loses games. What will define you as a player is how you respond to these situations. Most players cry complain and feel sorry for themselves. They hold onto the pain of yesterday instead of using it as motivation. Make an effort to get over mistakes and bad performances quickly. Do not hold onto the pain. Learn from your mistakes and let it fuel your hunger to improve. Don't waste time complaining. Take that energy and put it into your…

You are not allowed to complain anymore. Instead of wasting your time complaining about your problems spend that time solving them.