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superconducting graphene sample coated it with lithium atoms

Graphene, the ultra-thin, ultra-strong material made from a single layer of carbon atoms, just got a little more extreme. Physicists have been able to create the first ever superconducting graphene sample by coating it with lithium atoms.

فيزياء من سورية: هل تم اكتشاف ‏المادة العجيبة‬ .؟.

Physicists Produce World’s First Sample of Potential Wonder-Material: Stanene

The first functional graphene-based flexible display has been produced

The first functional graphene-based flexible display has been produced

Wireless uploads of big files take for-ev-er. But researchers at Georgia Tech University have plans for an antenna made of crazy thin graphene that would let you transfer a whole terabit of data in just one second.

It’s a Small World - Nanotechnology science in agriculture http://insights.ifpri.info/2011/10/it%E2%80%99s-a-small-world/

Nanotechnology can be used to remove arsenic, a toxic chemical found in groundwater in some parts of the world, from drinking water by capitalizing on the attraction between arsenic and iron oxide.

The research suggests that people who use marijuana excessively have problems with the reward circuitry in their brains. Even when their brains produce large amounts of dopamine, marijuana abusers don't respond to it normally. Personality tests showed that the marijuana abusers in the study were more likely to experience negative emotions, including depression, anxiety and irritability, than the controls were. ....

Rice study: Simple changes to homework improved student learning - Medical News Today Spacing out assignments, repeating problems, immediate feedback - and making looking at feedback part of credit or all good tips to ensure learning.