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Kinship, gift-exchange, honour and feud in Medieval Frisia and Iceland http://euro-synergies.hautetfort.com/archive/2011/01/20/kinship-gift-exchange-honour-and-feud-in-medieval-frisia-and.html

Odin, with His Two Crows, Hugin and Munin Giclee Print


The Norman invasion of England in 1066 described through the images of the Bayeux Tapestry


The donkey, the crow, and the wolf [cont. The donkey, the fox, and the lion.

Beowulf is the conventional title of an Old English heroic epic poem consisting of 3182 alliterative long lines, set in Scandinavia, commonly cited as one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature. It survives in a single manuscript known as the Nowell Codex. Its composition by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet is dated between the 8th and the early 11th century.

British Library, Cotton Vitellius A.

The Fishbook - Scheveningen Adriaen Coenensz, 1577-1580

The Fishbook - Scheveningen Adriaen Coenensz, 1577-1580

Daughters of the Northern Lights by Gerhard Munthe

"The Daughters of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or The Suitors", 1895 - design date - production.

From the Medieval Manuscripts blog post 'The Irish Pocket Gospel Book'. Image: Evangelist miniature of St Luke, Ireland, 750-850.

Evangelist miniature of St Luke, Ireland, Add MS f. (Image: Copyright © The British Library Board)

Four Evanglists in Book of Kells - Matthew(Human = humanity), Mark (Lion=resurrection), Luke (Ox=sacrifice), and John (Eagle=spirit).

Symbols of the four evangelists, Book of Kells 800 A.

Frontispiece of an Arabic manuscript of Poem of Cape.

Frontispiece of an Arabic manuscript of Poem of Cape.

Oooooooops! Have a good year!!!!! Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the Pearl Manuscript

Arthur (top centre) in an illustration to the Middle English poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, late century

Da un manoscritto francese del terzo quarto del Quattrocento.

A Medieval illustration of the myths about Mermaids,Sirens of the Sea,as they were thought of then.

700px-Kong_Olav_taler_med_bønderne_paa_tinget_ved_Hundtorp.jpg (700×443)

- On the Norse Thing system and Greek democracy.

That Quiet Earth

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 'Buy from us with a golden curl' (detail), c.

Drawing of the constallation Perseus, with Perseus holding the head of Medusa, in a copy of Scholia in Germanicum Sangermanensia (London, British Library, MS Harley 3595, f. 49r).

Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts: British Library

"The Picts in the Age of Arthur", Richard Scollins

It was the irruption of the Picts, breaking through the undefended wall, and into Britannia that led the Britons, after their appeal to Aetius to be readmitted to the empire went unheeded, to seek military help from Anglo- Saxon foederates. A fatal error.

Au gré des fêtes de l’hiver, les jours tristes et sombres se remplissent de lumière. Les réjouissances du solstice d’hiver s’ouvrent au cœur de la nuit la plus longue de l’année, le 21 décembre. Ces événements qui nous rassemblent, sont célébrés depuis la nuit des temps par des rituels sacrés et festifs. Autrefois, il était d’usage d’accrocher des pommes aux branches d’un épicéa et d’orner l’arbre de guirlandes de houx, de lierre et de gui... zimzimcarillon.canalblog.com

One of my favourite Father Christmases